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The road to development is always under construction

I would like to welcome you all in the Umzinyathi District Municipality’s website. The road to development is always under construction. Our vision is clear. We want to make Umzinyathi a place of opportunities and adventures. We have a concrete plan to develop our small towns like Glencoe, Wasbank, Pomeroy, Tugela Ferry, Nondweni, Kranskop and Muden and make them conducive for any investor to plough money into these towns so that we can create jobs for our people. Our intention is to make Umzinyathi District economically viable and self reliance.

Water provision can no longer remain a problem in our district. it has been a problem for the past ten (10) years but now we want to start a pilot project to see whether we cannot be able to provide water to our residents if we do it ourselves. The plan is that we want to build an infrastructure that will be sustainable and that will be in a position to supply every community with clean and healthy water in one municipality. With the success of that project in that municipality, we will roll out to other municipalities. In this way we believe we will be able to deal with water problems facing the district once and for all.

The other main focus is on the unemployment rate within the district. At this point in time the unemployment rate is standing at 60% which is very high; the illiteracy rate is currently at 40%. Now you can see that we have a huge problem because it means even if job opportunities are created, local people cannot qualify to fill those positions due to illiteracy. Studies conducted based on the economic profile of the district shows that agriculture and tourism are the only two main economic activities that we should concentrate on. I am therefore in the process of meeting with all stakeholders in these fields so that we can come up with a solid strategy of how we are going to enhance these economic activities for the betterment of our people.

I cannot be able to pen down all our programs here but this website will be updated on a weekly basis to enable you the reader to get as much information about us as possible. We promise to deliver in any way possible.

Lastly, I would like to thank my party, the ANC, for the trust bestowed in me in that within a myriad of talent and skills the ANC possesses but it chose me to lead this Council for the betterment of our people. Let us work together to build better communities.