Executive Manager - Technical Services

Technical services Department is one of uMzinyathi District Municipality which main focuses are on the Engineering aspects. These aspects deal with the provision of the necessary infrastructure as well as the operation and maintenance thereof but it that falls within its powers and functions. Aim and Objectives.
The aims and objectives for the Technical services Department is to provide sustainable development in order to fulfill the needs of its communities. UMzinyathi district municipality ensures that out of its total budget 60% goes to infrastructural development. Technical Services thus becomes implementing agent of the municipality.



In terms powers and functions of the District municipality stipulated under Section 84 of the Municipal Structures Act is obliged to fulfill the Acts requirement by providing those services. District Municipality budget is composed of the following:

  1. Own Income
  2. Department of water affairs and forestry
  3. Community based Public Works Program
  4. Municipal infrastructure grant

All the above funding sources are utilized for the implementation of the infrastructural development within the District during each financial year.

Key performance Areas

Technical services department key performance areas are as follows;

  1. An advisory body of the council on the issues of the infrastructural development
  2. Assessment of community needs in order to contribute meaningfully to the planning of the district development.
  3. Formulation of strategies to address the backlogs with regards to the delivery of water and sanitation services within the District
  4. Approval of Business plans for any Development initiated within the boundaries of the District Municipality.
  5. Ensuring that the proposed developments meet the required standards and quality.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation processes of project.
  7. Ensuring that the Council does get the value for money on the implementation projects.
  8. Ensuring Community satisfaction as beneficiaries of the development that is taking place within their area.
  9. During the implementation phase of a project the department must ensure local economic development does take place at all levels.
  10. Ensure of the smooth running as well as the upkeep of the schemes implemented.In a nutshell these are the operations of the Technical Services Department.